Top 5 beers of Summer 2019 in Ljubljana

Recommended by

 Miha Š.,

a local beer expert

1. Bevog Kramah.

This isn’t your typical IPA. First of all it’s officially an Austrian beer but it’s brewed by a Slovene Vasja Golar whose beers regularly come in at the top of recommended global beer lists. Special hops are selected for Kramah to provide a more floral or fruity taste than you’re used to.


2. Pelicon The 3rd Pill.

Pelicon is one of the up-and-coming Slovene breweries. This IPA leaves a bitter, yet pleasant aftertaste.


3. Pelicon ‘Out of China’.

This red ale can only be described as cute and sexy. It's the perfect companion for a warm summer evening. Its name is a play on words with Ajdovščina (pronounced Ay-do-shch-i-na), a city in Western Slovenia, where the brewery is based.


4. Kratochwill ‘Medeno pivo’.

This ale has a distinctive, yet unobtrusive flavour of chestnut honey and hops. It's a beer that provides an authentic home flavour, yet avoids being overly sweet, in a way that pleasantly quenches your thirst.


5. Human fish SIPA.

This hardcore IPA for beerlovers is like what the axe is to a lumberjack. There's not much more to be said except if you're fan of IPA, this is one that you need to try.



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