Top 5 strangest Slovene words for a foreigner

Compiled by

the CurioCity team based on input from their friends

1. Čmrlj – Bumblebee

The longest word without any vowels in the Slovene language.


2. Most – Bridge

While it means something completely different in English, ‘most’ means ‘bridge’ in Slovene. Unlike English, most is pronounced like “cost” in Slovene.


3. Četrtek – Thursday

Not only does this have the letter Č (pronounced like a 'ch' in English), but “trt” is also a combination of consonants that aren’t often found together without a vowel in English. Other examples of words like this are: vrt (garden), trg (town square) and odprto (open). Keep a look out for these, as you’ll be able to spot all three as you walk around Ljubljana.


4. Nahrbtnik – Rucksack

Another random concoction of consonants, which result in the slightly peculiar sounding “Na-herb-t-nik”.


5. Poljub – Kiss

This word is especially interesting, and quite fitting for the country with “love” in its name. Just saying it forces you to make a kiss shape with your lips… try it for yourself. It’s pronounced “polyoob”.



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